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With an ocean horizon spread before it, Bougain Villa sits on the black sands of the charming eastern side of Bali, Klungkung. A back-to-nature retreat to unwind and relax at the peaceful and unspoiled part of this world-famed paradise.

Designed in harmony with its tropical surroundings, Bougain Villa promises a laid-back indoor and outdoor living tempered with the warm hospitality of Bali. Create memorable moments with your family, friends and loved ones here in Bougain Villa.



Bougain Villa has a large pool, that is split in two, with one area much shallower and suitable for small children to play about in.

Next to the pool is the outdoor gazebo area, with space to relax and dine and take in the views, as well as a pool table and bar area as well.

There are beautiful gardens and lawns surrounding Bougain Villa, with many places to sit and relax and to escape the worries of the world.


Bougain Villa has all modern conveniences, including fast Wifi internet (30 MB/s); a fully equipped media room, with large screen TV, and international satellite TV.

For guests there is a guest kitchen, coffee machine, water dispenser and much more besides.

Current COVID19 Situation

We are fully open and ready for you to come and stay!
We have put in place special procedures to ensure the safety of guests and staff, while also making sure that guests are able to fully enjoy and relax at the villa.

Klungkung regency has formally approved all the measures we have taken and issued a certificate confirming that guests can visit without any concerns or potential issues.
For more information on Bougain Villa, and indeed Bali and Indonesia's response to the COVID19 situation, please click this button!

Wedding & Special Events

Whether it is an intimate and relaxed beachfront wedding ceremony and reception or a casual gathering to mark milestones, we will help you plan and craft your special day, ensuring the most mesmerizing experience.


You are looking for unforgettable and entirely personal service. That is our promise to you.  A service that fits your desires. We have all the standards set, but they will always be adjusted to what you want. The staff can be around you all the time, or you will not even know if they are there until you need them. Try it and you will see.